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Time is Up Mister

Read carefully and follow the instructions. The game is over. Be gracious, don’t over stay and develop an Exit Strategy. At best, negotiate to remain as an interim care-taker and at worst as a member of a governing coalition.- Ali Gulaid

The Mad Mullah Has Just Landed

The mad mullah has just landed. Not him exactly but his partner. Mad mullah – a term the British Empire gave to a Somali man who went out alone to fight its imperialism is used for religious zealots. He did not kill only whites but Somalis who looked suspicious.

What Is Wrong With More than 200 Individuals Who Were, Like School Children Told To Stay Quiet And Listen To An Irrational President?

In a bold move that made me think that probably he has come to his senses and was ready to leave office, Riyale called for a meeting of the two Houses and told them first that: a) they were not allowed to ask him questions and when they did b) insulted them c) then showed his most irresponsible and foolish self by saying that he is not going to leave office on May 15. Few things seem abnormal in this kind of attitude:

Time For Rayale To Pack Up And Leave

There is a growing chorus of voices calling for Dahir Rayale who no longer commands the support and trust of the Somaliland public to step down by the end of his presidential mandate, which is due to expire officially on 15th May 2008 at 00.00 hrs (midnight) local time. But president Rayale whose anti-democracy tendencies and inclination towards dictatorship was becoming increasingly clear by the day is desperately vowing to cling on to power come what may.

Luga Yare Del Somal

This is how my friend who is now there put it when I asked him about the events at home. He must have been feeling utterly frustrated and angry at the moment I asked him the question. Who wouldn’t be under the circumstances? I have the feeling my question must have offered him an alternative to shouting into the toilet. I lent an ear he can trust. Even to me, my friend’s message hit a spot.

Somaliland Local Government Re-organisation through Presidential Decrees in an Election Year

Regardless of what President Rayale’s decrees say about these new districts and regions, the Electoral Commission cannot take note of them at all until the 2002 Law is amended. We are clearly storing trouble for us, though, because the House of Representatives’ current relatively large “constituencies” under our proportional representation system is still based on the six existing regions (Article 12 of the 2005 Election Law).

A Message to KULMIYE 2nd Convention: Hargaysa Somaliland

I am not a member of your party, but like all Somalilanders I am praying for your success. And I pray for our nation to be blessed with strong leaders and stronger political parties that can keep us free from the darkness of one party state and ugliness and primitiveness of a Personality Cult. – Dr. Abdishakur Jowhar

What Happens After April 14th, The Last Day Of President Rayale’s Mandate?

The people of Somaliland elected President Dahir Rayale on April 15, 2003 to a 5 year term; which will end on April 14, 2008. The National Election Commission (NEC), and the three national Political parties (Udub, Kulmiye, Ucid) reached an agreement to postpone the presidential election to August 31, 2008, which will effectively extend the President’s term by three months and 15 days. — Mahdi Gabose, Rashid Garuf

The U.S. and Somaliland: A Strategic Guide to Partnership

J. Peter Pham, Ph.D. A great deal has transpired in the little over two months since I last raised the question of Somaliland in this column, repeating a call I made two years earlier: “Since the disintegration of the Siyad Barre’s oppressive Somali regime into Hobbesian anarchy and warlordism, the international community has staunchly defended […]