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Somaliland.Org is an independent website covering news and other matters of interest to Somali speaking community, although we also publish articles written in English. Please note that Somaliland.Org is not the official website of the Somaliland government which can be reached at www.SomalilandGov.com.The site was created with help of group Somaliland citizens who felt that there is a need to bring a broad and non-biased information about Somaliland to Somalilanders and non-Somalis alike in the hope that the people interested to learn more about Somaliland will get a true picture about this country. Somaliland does not only deserve recognition from the world community, its people have proven time and again that they can rebuild their destroyed country from zero, survive as sovereign nation complete with functioning governmental institutions and lay the foundations of democracy without international help.This website does not represent the government of Somaliland, nor is it affiliated with any particular party or association. Nevertheless, we are proud to say that we will work with the all the people who share our vision to maintain Somaliland’s freedom and eventual recognition by the world community.

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