Somaliland came from a long way for these achievements of today

The rebirth of Somaliland in 18 May 1991 due to animosity happened in the past and the trace of failed common wealth Republic of Somaliland in 1960 when the country got its independence from Britain and proposed to join the common wealth automatically as a nation of Somaliland. But Somaliland of that time decided emancipation and union of five Somalia that had been faded away and became impossible mission later on.

However Somaliland was back on their own feet after certain years of genuine disappointments and oppressions against them, which made their enthusiasm and endeavor unsuccessful totally.

After long trial and serious struggle Somaliland back on track in 1960 position in 1991 and remembered deeply the huge errors made in the past. Fortunately and immediately people of Somaliland East and West were holding hands together and passing peaceful followers and also sign of peace declared and without any hesitation fabricated fabulous and free Republic in Buroa Togdheer Region which has been followed with the full administration elected in Borama the capital City of Awal province of Somaliland in 1993. Where the genius and born statesman deceased Mohamed Hajji Ibrahim Igal was appointed and elected for the president of Somaliland, even though Mohamed Ibrahim Igal succeeded the first president of Somaliland Abdirahman Ahmed Ali Tuur who definitely contributed his nation wide and unforgettable developments in and out of the country.

Mohamed Ibrahim Hajji Igal suddenly established the whole governmental departments quite clearly, especially the judiciary system and the parliaments of the country, and also drafting of the country’s constitution in which was voted and approved not by feed-force but by the will and the decision of Somaliland population in general over 97% together with referendum.

Nevertheless, some other presidents followed Igal who had been serving his Nation quite long time until he passed away as the president of Somaliland in Pretoria South Africa where he was flown for the reason of treatments. And the honorable president Dahir Rayaale Kahin succeeded who has done a lot to remember forever indeed to his country that made him now a pure and better legend for the people and country in all the time. And also the current president of Somaliland H.E president Ahmed Mohamed Mohamoud Siilaanyo who was the first choice figure for the leadership of the country, the election that came about in 26 June 2010, it was the people of Somaliland to elect the right man for the right job in that election.

That is why Ahmed Siilaanyo defeated both other two Parties of Udub and Ucid together with their candidates Faysal Hussein and Rayaale Kaahin, anyway Ahmed Siilaanyo did not conquer the power for coup or gun point, but he was democratically elected president of Somaliland chosen by his own people for righteous course and cause as well to be the only right man for the post.

However, close allies once of Ahmed Siilaanyo now are very desperate to seek attention and often appear the domestic papers and televisions with very nasty uprising of unconstitutional and undemocratic declaration of an outlawed organization by the constitution of the country for the intent of tarnishing the paramount leadership that is fully trusted and pleased by the nation of Somaliland in general, which came to power for the fair and free election and also for the acceptance of the majority of the population of Somaliland vote.

Hence, some predictions and analysis already proved that people of Somaliland distanced this illegal group who wants only a way to get a political platform to participate for the day to day politics of Somaliland illegitimately, as they are politically declined by the people that made them to be losers politically. Therefore, definitely this minority group is under no immediate political threat for Ahmed Siilaanyo, but they are poison and cancer for the whole country and a way of democracy continuation without illegal obstacles or blockages, in a lieu of this unprecedented campaign that flabbergasted the nation quite seriously, the people of Somaliland were chanting since then “shame on you, and follow democracy process rather than tribalism and tribal reconciliations that Somaliland passed and grown up in 1993.

Currently, there is no split of elites and intellectuals for the country, because the uproar and the nonsense revolt has been fully turned blind eye to completely by the nation of Somaliland vigorously and responsibly and called for those groups to comply with the rule and regulations of the country until the regime lose the patience and send those individuals to the jail. While Ahmed Siilaanyo’s grip of power depends on better maintaining and undeniable developments and huge rebuilding of the country through sustainable prosperity and progress.

Of course, this anti Ahmed Siilaanyo campaign will not work and the law will decide the destiny of this trouble makers group, when the government loses the patience at the end of day, if they do not refrain from uncertainty over this matter which is absolutely politically motivated to sideline the democratic elected president of Somaliland wrongly. It was not a legal matter which has been filed in the court of law, to seek approval and legality indeed, the group seems to attract and organize criminal mobs said to have supported their plans.

But people of Somaliland voiced concerns of these groups and their wrong political conducts. Owing to this issue, people said directly, if you are politically losers and could not win the hearts and minds of the population, importantly it is much better to take a break for politics and disappear from the eyes of the people for a while. But to carry on this culture will definitely create more hatred and deficiency of your dignities and personalities as politicians that destroy you for good and give you no chance of political come back at all.

A fair analysis and genuine concerns disclose that the current group are profound threat and destruction of the country where nation freely invested and interested their land and the undamaged peace history of this territory which is praised and backed by the whole International Communities and neighboring countries as well who have close relationship of many different areas with unrecognized orphan republic of Somaliland.

Indeed, this nation has already opted for their leader, their Political Parties, and there is no recommendation of political obsession. Therefore, the better wisdom is here; says, learn politics before you are directly engaged with it and attempt to follow world’s families of politics whose their systems successfully worked and assisted the world to be where we are today.

Abdilahi Ali Hassan John