Freedom and independence is too dear for Somaliland

It was one of the government pledges to keep citizens in good cause of justice, equality and unity. Fortunately, though no promise has been broken so far, but municipality election left some minor discrepancies over the results outcome that both some political parties and some specific individuals were unhappy for the way of that election administered.

The government is working hard to use all the power of Ahmed Siilaanyo office hold in order to make situation better to remedy and regulate for every complaints bitterly put forward responsibly and strongly. The country of Somaliland especially the current administration honestly sparkles in spite of the job done so far and the better achievement of developments and fair management set for the start in the year 2010, when this regime came into power. It is obvious that there is divided political opinion always as conservative and opposition, but we are one nation that works together, rule together, solve together when it comes and develop together as only one nation that has one goal and target to achieve deliberately and courageously.

The Government has not any role of involvement to be blamed the municipal election of Somaliland in case of any thing has gone wrong as the electoral commission of Somaliland has independent full authority of that services by their own management of arbitration both political parties and the individuals as well.

It is always very important to put first our freedom and independence to refrain from any cause of conflicts, disturbances and disorder that will destroy the livelihood of yourself, your family and as well as the whole nation in general. We are better to copy the better democratic procedure of advanced countries like Britain, Germany, France and US. In fact, Somaliland has gained a lot to praise them and international communities already confirm that undeniably so it is great opportunity to grip that firmly not to disappear.

Abdilahi John