Berbera Port situates geographically republic of Somaliland!!!!

New elected President of Somalia Hassan Sheikh looks like strayed leader set to no political proper destination, as he mentioned interview given that Somalia had four main ports namely Kismanyo Port, Mogadishu port, Bosaso port and dreamingly Berbera port.

President Hassan Sheikh who comes here only luck with out skills, political weight and better knowledge of leadership seems now that he creates hostile environments instead of stable and safe political move due to the direct intervention of Somaliland republic sovereignty and national issues of that country and he reiterates unprofessionally that Berbera port is Part of Somalia.

What he does not know in one hand is. The long way Somaliland people underwent to regaining this current independence and freedom as a nation of Somaliland British protectorates joined Southern in 1960 with inheritance of catastrophe only.

On the other hand this blind and immature administration in Somalia left behind the continuation of Somaliland and Somalia dialogues by two many careless mistakes already damaged the brotherhood relations of the two countries and the process of the talks that the previous leader of Somalia spent more time in order to we hold direct talks and sit together on the negotiation table and discuss the only possible way these two countries live peacefully side by side as we share so many significant things as Somaliland and Somalia.

Analytically, the present Somali political leadership is in confusion and lack of appropriate concrete administration mission or focus that can not totally fulfil the obligations and the needs to be elected so as to improve perfectly the accomplishment of the previous regime led by Sharif Ahmed who many people believed or considered a junior politician but proved today that he was good leader of having too many administration capability by using koranic managements.

Despite of Somali political philosophy this moment, things will reverse zero for the result of the Negligence and errors taken place deeply since Hassan Sheikh has been hired for the office of Somali presidency.

There will be also strong uprising and oppositions erupt in Somalia every soon because of this wrong procedures and incompetent leadership there that destroyed the beautiful achievement of the former leaders and what they established politically and socially.

It is clear that Hassan sheikh has direct wrong interfering to Somaliland nation and is trying to use Spanner to disconnect the unity and integrity of Somaliland nation which has already shown Somaliland individuals appointed different positions in his Government.

Somaliland has certain respect of high level to their brothers of Northerners but this principle of Somaliland independence is nonnegotiable whatever steps you are busy to take. Hence Berbera Port situates Republic of Somaliland therefore you are advised respectfully to learn the geography of Somaliland and Somalia and also were the border of Somaliland and Somalia limits.

Abdilahi John