A shout of personal interest rather then national one is nonsense and childish

It goes with out saying that many individuals represent only their political, social and economic interest that causes many criticism and ill-treatment to the regime of Somaliland particularly the leader of the Country, his excellence Ahmed Mohamed Mohamoud Siilaanyo who can not satisfy completely hundred percent for those believe to have given him some support for the period of opposition time. Although that era was national rescue to support Kulmiye party in order to develop and improve Somaliland nation for every levels or stages as a free sovereignty and independence. Thankfully, the current president fully thanked for all and highly appreciated to those members of the nation who generously involved in and made possible the successful change that came about in Somaliland in the year 2010. Hence it is impossible and also very complicated to reward for every individual of the whole nation applauded hands a single day or broke a little branch while priorities and objectives was to make or meet the reliable and sufficient change that all Somaliland citizens benefit by in general as one community and also enjoy the genuine high level of peace, prosperity and progress implemented elsewhere of Somaliland soil that fully improved foreign policy, standard of nation life which is the best position we ever had for the sake of services like Health sector, education, national security and full stability and also better governance, Democracy and sharing fairly the economical resources of the country equally and fairly quite well.

It is unacceptable to make unfair comments towards Government based on particular and personal interest for the reason of that you have not been nominated political post that everyone has right to have but scarcity of insufficient resources made not to happen, the government can not create many political positions to satisfy every single person like those shouting and denouncing the Government of Somaliland continuously fighting for only attention of personal struggle to secure politically a position in the government.

The government of Somaliland delivers and maintains the obligations and the responsibilities elected by it’s own people enormously. Therefore no criticism of mismanagement and bad administration sustain for this current time in the governmental procedure of Somaliland that 90% of Somaliland citizens happy and support their government and system with out the bad ideology of those damage the reputation, dignity and sustainability of the smooth process that leads to the nation through the right direction of success, respect and honour that every citizen of Somaliland deserve to have at all times.

Those crying what they might not have ever must see the wider picture and respect the nation, the leaders and also every governmental staff who endeavour and committed to deliver best and the better services for the nation every second of their time. I call for those accustomed to represent none except them selves of insulting and offending heroes of ours, with out fundamental or proper reasons must respect the interest of the nation generally and leave or omit their minor things seeking wrongly by deteriorating the better administration set up by knowledge and righteous efforts that within two years massively made great change of excellent governance which every Somaliland sane welcomed with open heart and mind as well.

Abdilahi John