Cause for concern

Ibrahim Mead Ibrahim Mead
Ibrahim Mead
Political analyst
Ottawa, Canada

Cause for concern


Confronting the political impediment that Somaliland government is facing must be countenanced, armed with courage and convection, and that is not an easy task
lately there is a movement by Somaliland known enemies to change the subject and divert the new international attention towards Somaliland and Somaliland’s quest for recognition. they called them selves as the “Somalia’s intellectuals headed by the twin brothers of demon and hatred towards Somaliland no matter they call them selves as Somalilanders selectively and according to their convenience! What ever they may say they better tell the concerned party preferably in their soil
In pursuing our (right) proposition for the recognition of Somaliland, we shall need compromises in the days ahead, to be sure. not by these self appointed traders of the misery of Somalia, but by the real people the issues are concerned to them! But these conciliation must be, or should be, compromise of issues, not of principles and bottom lines.. Not the independence of Somaliland at any cost because the people have spoken ‘loud-and clear’ in this end, in returning and restoring the independence of Somaliland. We can compromise our political positions, and maneuver around that but never the independence and sovereignty of Somaliland . . .never the determination of a people to return their sovereignty
Compromise does not mean cowardice, although it is frequently the compromise rs and conciliators who face with the severest tests of political courage! In the end of the day they know that there are certain matters that ought to be their end product. Those are the serious hard nosed believers of their job.
And thus, in the days ahead, only the very courageous will be able to take the hard decisions necessary for our survival in the struggle with many enemies! Enemies with leaders who need give little thought to the popularity of their course, which need pay little tribute to the public opinion they themselves manipulated! Those are determined enemies of Somaliland striving to break you into submission or at least weaken your position. To offset that one must be a believer of this 2nd Republic of Somaliland, the referendum of Somaliland and the self determination of the people of Somaliland and any other people who sought that right under the charter of the United Nations. The rest is process.
“SomaliLand is a peaceful place to go” the UN agencies said that lately! That means they recognize Somaliland as a region in (crazy) Somalia! Somaliland considers this act as an insult and a spit in her face! We are an ocean apart in this to begin!
The newly elected government in Somaliland did not yet speak this new situation!
People are anxious and waiting a response from the government!

The UN in general and UNDP in particular had a dismal and unhelpful record in Somaliland, for the 18 year period Somaliland divorced Somalia [as the mother of the union with Somalia].
Somaliland called off that union with Somalia after Somalia executed an ethnic cleansing scheme in Somaliland and eventually Somaliland (SNM) defeated the Somalia’s genocidal regime of Siyad Barre!

Somaliland recalled and restored its independence and they declared that in Borao convention in 1991where reconciliation and forgiveness of Somaliland communities took place after the SNM movement defeated the dictatorial regime of (Siyad Bare) Somalia, and declared the independence of Somaliland there.
Burma’s convention followed this in1993. And in Borama a government of national unity was established where by the SNM movement handed over the government to a civilian government headed by president Egaal. This was a unique move on the part of SNM which never happened in any where in the third world!
A popular referendum where people voted 97% yes for Somaliland’s independence from Somalia followed that in 1996

The first transfer of power from triumphant movement to a civilian was born there and that took place in a democratic process. That tradition is still going on. Very recently a defeated government conceded and an elected one took over peacefully as expected. Nothing of this magnitude and nothing of this sort ever happened not only in our region but in Africa in general.

The UN and its agency UNDP neither see this as an example for the Somalia and others in the region nor did they ever appreciated! In fact they tend to deny that achievement! Some times they were at war with Somaliland as you think they say: “why don’t you become like your brothers-Somalia! We don’t like what you did!”

Somaliland gave her people peace, stability and all kinds of development; socially, economically and political that associate with the above virtues of peace and stability, relatively according to her ability.
Somaliland succeeded to establish a never-before seen relationship with her neighbour-Ethiopia. They established a people to people movement, and a government to government cooperation and understanding. Somalia on the other hand DE-stabilized the tranquility and peace of the whole region! And not only that, they destabilized the world- wide shipping in both the Red Sea and the Indian Ocean by investing a young sea parrots.
Somaliland curbed all that evil activity from her shores with little or no help from the international community, all by her self!

Somaliland has survived from the Saudi Arabia’s embargo on her! She survived from subversive activities originated from a neighboring entity which does not like the people-successes, and the democratic achievements Somaliland has achieved!
In all these the UN agencies particularly the UNDP did not play a positive roll!
They were not part of the solution; on the contrary they were part of the problem!
They never respected nor recognized the aspirations and achievements Somaliland has realized. Somaliland has survived from that too!
Now, are they still acting arrogantly and spitting on the face of the Somaliland people or do they have a different story!

The mantra of this new government is and supposed to be ‘transparency’. People ask this:
As Somaliland is not a region nor is it a part of Somalia but an independent Republic recognized by her people and her government, under what conditions and terms the UN agencies are coming to Somaliland? And what terms and conditions would they work with the government of Somaliland?
What is the plan of the government if they sing the same old song? We lived and even thrived {relatively} with out them and will be so in the future with or with out them if they don’t change their attitude, behavior politics and policies

Although the UN agencies presumably coming to Somaliland are most welcome however, a lot of questions must be asked and some questions must be answered regarding the above UN agencies said to be coming to Somaliland.
The author trusts the government will abide the laws and aspirations of Somaliland. The author also recognizes the capability and knowledge of the guys in the foreign office- the minister as well as the deputy minister.

Mediation of the Somalia’s factions!

Some web-sites printed and claimed that they cited with sources, that the president of Somaliland was asked to mediate Somalia’s factions. Some say, he asked for it, he invited them if and when they are ready! If that sort of story has some legs it begs these questions to be answered:
What would be the status of Somaliland and the president of Somaliland?
what would be the status of Mr. shareef of Mogadisho
Would Somaliland be considered as a sovereign state, recognized by Somalia and others who supposedly are working in this proposal, or would Somaliland be considered as (just) a region and part of Somalia?
If the later is the case it is a none-starter, as far as the people are concerned.
To begin with and to end it, it is the aspirations and the self determination of the people that is sacrosanct [ Moqadas] and that is what counts. No one else has the right to deny or evade or stampede or twist this inherently human rights for a people strife d and spoken loud and clear to return their lost Republic of Somaliland, be it local or foreign!
Somaliland people have spoken, in no ambiguous terms, in their referendum of 1996. They chose to be independent no matter what. That is a forgone conclusion. Again, the sacrosanctness of this matter is a non-negotiable bond; thus there is no space for politics for any one while we shouldn’t close flexibility and compromises in certain issues.
It is incumbent upon this government to do the peoples business first, second and third, before other peoples business. But that is if this story metamorphosed and materialized

However peace and prayers
Ibrahim Mead