New Government, New Dawn

Well done Mr President, you have assembled a great team with Some very poplar names known for their dedication and hard work. The new Government must hit the ground running and do what they are good at doing.

I am personally pleased that my old colleague from Oxford House , London is our Secretary of Planing and that is the right choice and Dr Shire is up to the job, i am sure he left his well paying Job at Dahabshiil to serve somaliland which is very close to his heart.

The most interesting appointment is the Employment Secretary and it is women and that suit every one. As we all know that a large majority of our breadwinners are women, but all housework and domestic chores fall on their shoulders, and all of these are not recognised by our male dominated society .

I think the time has come to recognise this force and the Secretary of employment should strive hard to have more women to be in top posts in her ministry and to lobby for our women to occupy more responsible jobs. Time has proven that our women are dedicated mothers, breadwinners and house makers.

The new Secretary should bring about changes that will suit the female workforce. Moreover the new secretary needs to introduce new legislation on equal opportunity to give more chances for women , disabled people and other minorities to have equal chance in employment.

Finally i suggest that the new secretary of employment to work on introducing a 5 day working week , which will benefit the nation and its workers. We all know that the 6 day week is becoming a thing of the past and soon we may have 4 day weeks.

What is the benefit of a 5 day week ?

1- The work force will have a full day for their Juma prayers and their worship without juggling many things on the only day that they are home.
2- The government offices and agencies will be closed for an extra day , so well as the government transport. The extra day in the week end might save some energy and water bills for the government as this will be a total shutdown for all unessential services.
3- The business people, traders , shop-owners will benefit from an extra day of shopping and might impact the behaviour of the people in how they shop and manage their time.
4- Teachers, pupils and students will recover well from a 6 day week and also schools may save money on water usage, electricity etc .
5. There will be less traffic jams on the roads as the government transport is shut down and also a lot of workers will be off the street .This will help the private sector to move around with less hassle .
6- A 2 day weekend may encourage Tourism within the country, visit relatives in nearby towns and young people could start new sports like hiking , walking, hunting and get out of main urban areas to refresh themselves.( I hope Madar, the sports minister will see this article and pencil new activities in his diary)

I am wishing all the new appointees a successful and blessed work

God Bless you all

Finally an extra day which which should be a Thursday will all many relegious devotees to do voluntary fasting on the day.

Cmar X Hadliye UK