It is not time for Retribution; it is time for Reflection and salvation of the Mother

Ibrahim Mead Ibrahim Mead

Political analyst

Ottawa, Canada

May 29, 2010

It is not time for Retribution; it is time for Reflection and salvation of the Mother

You can not beat some one with nothing! You have nothing but corruption and cabalism. You don’t have people to vote for you Mr.Riyaale and pack! You know that

You betrayed the trust entrusted upon you! You did not return the favour in kind!

Stop and look your self in the mirror! Summon your sense once if there is any and keep the peace! Chasing and imprisoning the opposition is not only wrong, it is counter productive and will not help you a bit. It will alienate even the less (people) you have!

If you are laughing at Somaliland and saying that you were not understood and you are on target in destroying this country, well the sun has risen and you are naked now!

What you have ungratefully inappreciably done to this country which took you from the ‘Qaat market’ to the presidential palace is self evidently clear to the people now

Do a favour for yourself, abandon the ungodly activities intended to undermine this national election and come to your sense! Leash the dogs you unleashed in the streets of all and every region of the nation. Somaliland is a country which forgives and no body cashed that more than you did Mr. Riyaale!

The people of UDUB, you can not beat some body with nothing! You can not beat people with no people! You are actually naked. You are empty you need help! Leave the Mother alone and in peace. You are not doing that right now!

You know you have betrayed the people of Somaliland, looted them for so long and in the end left them in the-ledge! Now they left you in a circle where you are chasing your tale none-stop! For that long the people were keeping the peace and the stability of the nation! You thought that was weakness and you manipulated that. It is over! Now you are alone All you have is the public properties -the people’s tax. And some crazies! That won’t help! Wake up Riyaale!

Now you are trying to bribe the people-the tax payers with their own money! This will not work. Stop this nonsense and come to your sense once! It is time for reflection and restoration and reconstruction of Somaliland. You may not understand this but you better do it and sooner rather than later, for your goodness, for the good of all.

Somaliland was shooting in the dark for so long, or was not even shooting any thing neither in the dark nor in the light! Somaliland was frozen in time with the Remnants! Any way, the Mother was in the wrong hands for so long!

Somaliland collected or accepted a collection of follies of all kinds and insignia from the Remnants of Siyaad Barre! The said follies attracted the local follies to work for them for they are like poles and like poles attract! The pack manifested ignorance of mass destruction and not only that, the Remnants never believed let alone strived for the sovereignty and the recognition of Somaliland. They are none believers in this regard! They believe their belly and pockets! Unfortunately the people thought they are believers! Now every body realized they never were! What a woe-begotten country for her sorry superlative!

Somaliland is a country punished for her big heart, for her blanket forgiveness with no questions asked! –forgiveness is good but not to ask questions relating to certain people for certain cases is unwise, and now the proof of this is apparent on the face of Somaliland! Riyaale wouldn’t have been in our midst had we asked him the valid question-“where are the hundreds of missing people when you were the chief spy there in Berbera?”

Somaliland has been cruelly inflicted a fatal damage in all aspects-morally, socially, financially and politically in the hands of the government of the remnants heading by Riyaale the ex-NSS agent in Berbera where three ships of deported Somalilanders are still missing! However, it is not time for Retribution; it is time for forgiveness- if asked for, and after answering some questions, this time!

It is time for Reflection and Restoring Somaliland, what ever is left of her; but that is if the remnants understand it and cooperate for the sake of Somaliland

I am calling them to understand this virtue before time runs out of them!

I am calling them to refrain sabotaging and undermining the peace and the process of democracy in this June 26, 2010 election in Somaliland

I am calling them particularly Awil and Riyaale to stop the secret meetings intended to spread the malevolence against the peace and stability of Somaliland in which, ironically they happened to rule her and supposed to uphold the law of the land.

What you are mending in secret is no body’s favour because this time, you can not get away with it! The conscience of the nation which was on indefinite leave of absence is back and active this time!

Again I am calling the (Riyaale government) evil doers not to try to derail and disrupt the process of democracy. They already started that in numerous places in the country, they closed a number of ballot stations and took away the boxes contained the personal IDs of the voters! They also terrorized the student staff working there and put some of them in jail arbitrarily! They are buying the voting IDs with people’s money to sabotage and undermine the integrity of the June 26 elections because they don’t have people to vote for them.

They are scared of what they have done to Mother Somaliland during their tenure. To cover up there crimes they are in a mission to create conflicts and delays and even wars ‘God forbid’ the clan skirmishes created for de-railing the election process are happening in “Buhuudle” and around it as we speak!

They are afraid because of what they have stolen from the nation, what they have done to Mother Somaliland. However; they better know and understand that Somaliland is a country where forgiveness and not revenge worked and can work now!

They better know that Somaliland was a success story of consensus compromise and common ground. The Remnants who seem scared to death to day better revisit and reflect how they came back to Somaliland when the Dictator they were supporting was defeated, and how they came to power! That happened because Somaliland forgave them in a blanket amnesty!

Remnants need not be scared provided they keep the peace and call off the tantrums, the hoodlums and the net headed ‘Goolwadayaal’of all ages and insignia.

Now if they leave Somaliland alone and stop creating conflicts and wars, they may reap the virtue of forgiveness, once again, for the second time here in Somaliland! Only in Somaliland and no where else!

“An amicable resolution and settlement is virtue. Such settlement is best even though mean-souls are swayed by greed but if ye do good and practice justice and self restraint Allah is well acquainted with all ye do. If and when one does evil or wrongs his own soul but afterwards seeks Allah’s forgiveness he will find. Allah oft-forgiving, most merciful” [Al Nisa, Ch 5, V.110]

“Help ye one another in righteousness and piety. Help ye not one another in sin and rancour. Fear Allah: for Allah is strict in punishment”

Remnants better seek the forgiveness of the people of Somaliland, but first they must stop sabotaging her and undermining her. Somaliland forgives when that is due.

Somaliland will be strict in your punishment if you remnants do not respond to this Godly call of reconciliation and righting the wrongs you did to this country by simply letting this election go peacefully. I think that is not too much. Leave the election process take its course. Leave Somaliland alone and you may be forgiven. Simple and compassionate!

However prayer and peace

Ibrahim Mead