Who will be a victor (my helper) for my cause, Somaliland is calling!

Ibrahim Mead

Ibrahim Mead

Political analyst

Ottawa, Canada 

Who will be a victor (my helper) for my cause, Somaliland is calling

As said, Jesus the son of Maryam (kamaa qaala ciisa ibnu Maryam) to the disciples,” who will be my helpers to the cause of Allah?” said the Disciples, We are Allah’s helpers. (Naxnu ansaarullah) We are helpers for the cause of Allah.  

We don’t have such response from the sons of Mother Somaliland for the call made by the Mother!

“Who will be my helpers, the victors of my cause “crying Mother Somaliland?

The Mother is waiting some to respond this call in a responsible national level!

They are looking each other with animosity and competition for the leadership no matter what it is! In this rudderless and mindless competition the nation suffers and looses!  

She believes some will never respond, for they only respond to their belly and pocket like the [Guurti] worshipers of the golden calf of Samiri! Others are simpletons owned by the clan traders and cabals. In totality they don’t understand the seriousness of my situation” Mother Somaliland concluded in despair!  

In Somaliland’s case, where are the helpers and the victors of the cause of the Mother?

Indeed there were thousands of disciples who responded the call and died for her as martyrs for the Mother (S/L) but that was then!

There are others, thousands of them, who are poor, sick and pushed aside, and there are hundreds who are mentally sick and people laugh at them and chase them around! And there are others marginalized, terrorized and silenced. The disciples here in Somaliland are punished like the others before them, however differently by different demons! 

A portion of the children of Israel believed and a portion disbelieved Jesus’ call!

Allah said, “But we gave power to those who believed, against their enemies, and they became the ones that prevailed. Those who believed Jesus were the ones that really cared for truth and they followed his guidance. But the others who did not believe remained hard hearted and astray from the right path. They received God’s punishment. They became a by-ward, a wondering Jews and they were scattered ever since!  (Yateehuuna fil ardi) [Al Safaa-Ch 28-V14] 

When a nonbeliever put in charge for the believers of Somaliland is like a none-believer leading the prayers of the believers! It is mindboggling but it is how Somaliland is now!

What the opposition and others call a president has allegedly committed crimes against humanity. About or over 1800 Somalilanders deported from Saudi Arabia in 1988 had disappeared under his supervision and command as chief NSS agent in Berbera!! “Where are they now?” no body asked Riyaale that question! The guy they call him president!

How come a perpetrator becomes the president of his victims? “It is a mind boggling situation!” One may say! “It is a theatre of the absurd happening in the island of the absurd!” another may add! Whether that is a right characterization or not Mother Somaliland prefers to say similarly what Jesus said, a bit differently however. “Man ansaarii ila llaah, Man ansaarii ilaya, ana-Ardulsomaal S/L!”  

“Poor mother, (Somaliland) that is your situation now and the trio- the political parts are quarrelling nonstop, the clan traders and the follies are working overtime!

We are prone to making (committing) horrendous mistakes and it takes us long to correct our mistakes. We indulge in a self made blunder and dwell on it long! We don’t make a self correction sooner, until we imbedded with remnants and demons. Until we ended up with disgrace and destruction!” the Mother lamented!  

The government of the people, by the people, for the people, we dreamed during struggle, the recall of the lost Mother did not bear fruit! It may even perish!

What we can safely characterize as an autocratic nonbelievers entity has descended on the Mother! This is not what we paid our peoples blood and treasure, but we bought our blood and treasure with this, unfortunately so! 

Somaliland is experiencing a (non-believer) person who failed to lead for he was not a leader in the first and second place! A person who does not want to follow! A person who refuses to get out of the way! None-believers like that, morons like that ought to be removed! But no one answered that call! 

The longer Riyaale and cabals stay and extend their terms of office, the longer the Jell-O opposition parties duck and accept Riyaale’s terms and stipulations, the more the backboneless, almost non-existent house of representatives watch with no action, the more the thugs ransack and rob and loot the country! It is happening now! Don’t we understand that much! Don’t we see it happening every day! Why the contesting opposition and the representatives of the people capitulate and give in again and again, until they helplessly invited foreigners to intervene, lest they do (their job) what they were supposed to do!

The Mother is calling “who will be a victor, a helper for (my cause) the cause of Somaliland!” we don’t have the respond thus far! 

However, in the end those who believe and help for the cause of the Mother will be given Allah’s power against their enemies within and without! They will become the ones that prevail. The others-the saboteurs, traitors and non-believers who pretend otherwise will remain hard hearted and astray! They will become a by-ward and wondering traitors in Cairo and else where, like their friends of Siyad Barre’s regime!

They will receive Allah’s punishment and the punishment of the masses they looted and betrayed and disgraced!

Moreover, the Mother is waiting some one to answer the call!! 

Howe ever peace

Ibrahim Mead   resorted