DR- A dared devil: Now the Remnants are chasing the freedom fighters?

Ibrahim Mead

Political Analyst

Ottawa, Canada

DR- A dared devil

How low can it go?

Now the Remnants are chasing the freedom fighters?

Those who founded this second Republic of Somaliland!

Muj Mohamed Hashi and Muj Ahmed Silanyo, and others more became the target of the NSS establishment in Hargeisa.

How low can it go! How long can it go? How ironic? How our sin is haunting us back!

Of all the crimes against humanity attributed to him when he was the chief spy and an agent of death for Siyad Barre’s genocidal regime which allegedly took place in Berbera during the Saudi Arabia’s deportation of the undocumented Somalis!

Of all the other crimes executed on his behalf or by his order now as president!

Of all the times he unchallengedly manipulated the trust he was (wrongly) bestowed on him thus abused his power!

Of all the times he mocked and ran over the ‘je-llo’ opposition parties!

Of all the times he cashed in, the revenues, the natural resources-sea and land, the fixed assets including not only school yards and grave yards but even Islands like ‘ Sa,aada deen’!

He of all these and more, dared to destroy Somaliland as we know her right in our watch!

What a dared devil is Daher Riyaale, in a nation under amnesia!

What if a country wants their (parasitic) government to go to hell!

This kind of pronouncement happens when a government becomes garbage, rubbish in the English lexicon! When a government becomes useless, indeed evil and the leaders of such entity proved this right over and over again and again like the remnants running Somaliland wrong! The cynicism is main steam here in Somaliland!

This exposes a huge long term obstacle to rebuild the country and the people especially the people who lost the culture of shame, of integrity and the common sense!

They metamorphosed with the remnants into a careless shameless no thinking people!

The scavengers, the thugs as some call them are there gauging the meager revenue and the tax they collect from the people. They never had any agenda except of enriching them selves and no one asked them if they had any thing different then this immoral greed!

In fact they destroyed what had been built before let alone they built some thing!

The so called government of Riyaale the Ex-NSS agent and the bandits associated with him intercepts most of the assistance donated by the charitable organizations and international community and sells them in the black market! The proceeds go to their foreign accounts abroad! They are bandits! They are not a government which deserves the name! We have to call them what they are! When some is Ali, don’t call him Omer! Call him by his name. Call the bandits what they are! Bandits

Somaliland’s pride and dignity has not only been pinched, it has been pan caked!

Somaliland’s hopes and aspirations has been hampered a holes down in a may-go-round setting!

Somaliland’s human rights and the rule of law have been penalized and pushed aside!

Somaliland’s constitution has been jerry-picked, otherwise crushed with no consideration

Somaliland’s public property, school yards and even grave yards has been sold to unconscionable elements in the business community by equally unconscionable thugs people call them government!

The islands of the country are the latest causality in this (evil) trade of a country for sale in pieces, and the opposition still calls the head-deviant, the dared devil, a president! Strange!

What page are they reading? For sure we are not reading in the same page! And not only that, they are waiting for a fair and Trans parent election from this immoral entity they call a government! But we call them what they are! Thugs and collection of follies!

The remnants ruling Somaliland and Al shabaab prospering in Somalia are both forces of evil and de-stabilization agents!

They are twin demons of evil even when they are far a part different in believes and convections.

We don’t have to burry our heads in the sand! We ought to confront them and defeat them.

Opposition parts must be more forceful and more daring than they are now. They must not wait the people to lead them, they must lead the people.

It is no time to ponder. It is no time to beat around the push. Shying to tell the truth is ungodly. Not saying spade is spade is cowardly. Waiting the Riyaale led thugs to hold national elections is a fools dream as far as I can see! In my humble opinion

It is time to confront the dared devil and tell him in no pondering uncertain terms that he can not do this to our country! That he can not destroy our country in our watch.

If the opposition can not do this not only with talk but with deeds, then let them give way to a CITIZENS GOVERNMENT to be formed forthwith It is that serious. Again in my opinion

“Yahoo” we say to the dared-drivel. An angry lady told me the other day!

“Unto-you” we say to the diva, and the dwarfs around, the lady added!

“The day of reckoning is coming” she said in anger!

“But the plotting of evil will hem authors thereof” Allah said

“Ameen” the author said.

“But action is warranted. The walk and the talk are needed from the human side, from our side” the author added.

“But we sow the seeds and now we are reaping what we sow” the lady continued “how bitter and bad it is” she added

“The onus is on us. We have to confront the ugly and the bad in our hands, the thugs sabotaging our Republic, those we still call them-our government!” the lady concluded

“I hate when some one calls some one what he is not!

I hate when some one call him or her a name which is not his or hers!

I hate when some one tells all but lies and thinks people believed him or even worse when people believe his lies!

I hate when some one is J-llo- and believes he or she is not, and still waits a warm seat in the highest office of the land with less struggle and courage

I hate when some one calls Riyaale a president which he is not, neither morally or constitutionally! “The lady said bitterly

“I love when the [presidency] seat says ‘I don’t belong to that kind of people’.

I love when the seat pronounces this: ‘only the gutsy, the courage and the godly are my men

I am sick and tired of idiots and none believers of the Mother land-Somaliland.”

“The wrong people resided on me, used me wrongly, abused me, dirtied me and I am crying for help.

I am saying, never again,” that is what the seat/chair is saying, probably silently, but surely in agony and in anger!

The author wishes to conclude this piece with this Muslim virtue for success from the holy Quran

“And obey Allah and his Messenger and fall in to no disputes lest ye lose heart and your powers depart. And be patient and persevering for Allah is with those who patiently persevere [Al Anfaal. V 46]

Unite the national forces of salvation for Mother Somaliland, confront the reality, dare and do it, and move on with Allah’s blessing

How ever peace

Ibrahim Mead